Melanies Masgaj - Reiki Sessions & Higher Self Talks

NEW - Supported Self-Love Program:


Choose self-love and enjoy twice a month a 50 min. deep relaxation and supportive Reiki Treatment with therapeutic grade essentiell oils from Young Living in a private corner of  the beautiful yard of the "Enchanted Kula Café - 2505 Kula Hwy, in Kula".


Pay with my Self-Love Program only $55 per treatment!


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I am looking very much forward working with you.

You want to gain more clarity for your current situation?


My Higher Self Talk from 💖 to 💖 will take a closer look at your current situation and bring clarity into your life. This clarity will help you understand similar situations in the future and behave differently.

This new behavior will give you more freedom, contentment, and self-determination.