Melanie Masgaj . Reiki . Life Coaching . Yoga

About me.

My name is Melanie Masgaj, born and raised in Germany.


I am a Reiki Master and Life Coach. I accompany my clients on their way to a life on a higher level of consciousness.


People are coming to the point where they gain more and more clarity that they can not continue on their current path. Their body speaks clearly in the form of illnesses, tension, depression, or even burn out.


This is the point people often come to me. We will start with their current situation and bring them to a deeper level of relaxation through Reiki. Through the succession of several applications they gain greater clarity and become more and more calm and balanced.


I am an interpreter between you and your soul.


We clarify your symptoms or stressful everyday situations and look at what is currently blocking you from moving forward. We resolve this and reorganize your life with the help of my various offers. 

With our development we no longer feel comfortable and therefore changes will become obvious.  When you feel that you have reached a point where you do not want to continue as before, then I am your perfect companion.


You have the opportunity during my Reiki deep relaxation to find peace, gain clarity and arrive with both feet back on the ground.


If you want a complete change in your situation then book my Life Coaching Package with me. We will discuss the points that you would like to have resolved and enter into a transformation process. I am completely there for you during your journey. Upon completion you will be thrilled because you have gained clarity and arrived at a new level.




My personal journey


I started my spiritual path with a Reiki training in 2009. At that time, I was initially somewhat skeptical about things with a spiritual nature. Trough my own experiences I have learned multiple lessons and had become more open to my spirital learnings. 

My Reiki training is the first step into a higher consciousness. I offer perfectly adapted Reiki training for you.


Following my Reiki training, I completed a training series on intuitive clairvoyance and deep soulwork. I raised my perception and intuition skills to a much higher level. I began to clarify my own blockages and saw the underlying reasons for my patterns of behavior. All this meant that difficult situations no longer affected me and I became an observer to my behavior and no longer a participant.


My sensitivity is constantly evolving, and now I can perceive the "concerns" in the introductory discussions with my clients, without them specifically sharing them with me. With my seeing gift I sense what they need and where they are in this situation.


If you also want to get off of the treadmill, want to live your life more consciously, find your potential, and want a transformational experience, then call and make an appointment.


I send you love and light from my heart! Lets start your journey!