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Reiki - Deep Relaxation




Become calm.

Find yourself in relaxation.

Let go.


Do you long for a break in your hectic everyday life? Do you want to leave behind all the duties for a moment, get off the treadmill and just relax?


During the Reiki treatment, you lie fully clothed on the massage table. I put my hands on different areas of the body and let loving and clarifying energy flow to you. You come into a deep state of relaxation. Through this deep relaxation, your head and your thinking are turned off more and more - you will always find peace and quiet. You let go of your everyday life and are completely with yourself, similar to a meditation.


From that moment your body relaxes it can concentrate on itself again. Blockages are dissolved and your body can activate its self-healing powers. You can then feel fresher, fitter, and healthier overall. Emotionally, you also get more balance.


Depending on your wishes, I use wonderful and pure essential oils from Young Living during the Reiki treatment.


I heartily recommend regular applications to achieve the feeling of complete balance. Your self-love is supported by me through ongoing sessions at a reduced fee.


Give yourself permission to allow yourself to take time for you! 


In my philosophy it is very important to take loving care of you and put yourself first to have enought power and strenght to serve others (family, friends, job, ..). 


Book your Reiki session now! I'm looking forward working with you!



My offers for you:


Duration: 60 min. (Including short pre- and post-discussion)


Introductory offer = $100 

Infrequent visits = $85


Supported Selflove-Program

2x monthly for 6 months: $70 (per treatment)





During my treatments and applications, I do not make any diagnoses. My methods do not replace the work of doctors and naturopaths. I give no promise of salvation. Everything will happen in the way that suits your greatest good. You are responsible for your healing, because your own self-healing powers are activated. I will provide you a wonderful, safe and calm environment in which everything can happen for your highest good.