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Reiki Training


Get more clarity.

Discover the deep love for yourself.

Live in mindfulness and compassion.


Do you want more clarity in your life? Would you like to be more relaxed and loving with you and your fellow human beings? Are you looking for the deeper meaning in your life?

Are you ready to enjoy and live your life to the fullest?


Do you want to experience how great it is to feel a powerful zest for life right after waking up? Starting the day full of excitement! Share with your fellow human beings your glow and positive charisma to lift them and let them enjoy life as well?


Reiki education is for me the first step in a more conscious life. You get an insight into the history of Reiki and learn about the chakras and your body energy points. I explain the connections between physical symptoms and emotional blockages that cause you distress.


You will be initiated into the wonderful Reiki line Jin Kei Do. The Reiki line that I translate into this: Go with compassion (Jin) and wisdom (Kei) your way (Do). You will learn wonderful meditations to deal with you and your fellow human beings more attentively, affectively,  and lovingly. Reiki self-treatment and treatments to third parties are taught. The daily practice of Reiki (for example, in self-treatment) brings you more and more into your balance, and into greater inner peace and serenity.


All this you send out and then receive it back from your environment!


Look forward to a whole new attitude toward life! Discover yourself and your potential, your unrecognized qualities, and your blossoming inner love!

Live a life of ease, peace, and abundance!

Discover and love you!


Reiki Training Content:

- Introduction to Reiki (Historical Development of Reiki)

- Reiki treatment in preparation for the attunements

- Reiki energy attunements into 4 chakras

- Self-treatment techniques

- Introduction to the treatment of others (sitting and lying)

- Introduction to a meditation on grounding and protection

- Introduction to the technology for self-reflection

- Introduction to the technology for sensing and directly releasing blockages

- Discover and promoting your own unique gifts.


The training takes place over two days, from 11:00 am to 4:30 pm.


Energy balance:

for 4 people $250 per person

for 2 people $400 per person

Individual request $500