Melanie Masgaj . Reiki . Life Coaching . Yoga

Life Coaching from heart to heart.

You wish for more clarity in your life?

You want to understand why you are at this point and

how to find your balance again?


During the life coaching, we are completely committed to your current situation. Whether you suffer from health / physical (illness) or psychological (sadness, anger, dissatisfaction in the partnership or job, lack of strength, etc.). We collaborate together and I give you suggestions and feedback based on what I sense with my seeing gift so that you can view and understand your situation from a different perspective.


This is the first step to stop "drowning". By looking closely and going deeper into the situation, you take responsibility for yourself, giving you the opportunity to step out of this situation or change it.


Do you feel like getting involved in yourself and your life? Are you ready for a self-determined and conscious life? Then let us take the next step toward a life change.


I am looking forward to your contact!


Life Coaching from heart to heart.


60 min. = $120

90 min. = $180


Life changing package: 4 - 60 minute sessions = $360